October 2nd 2019
With todays update there's 17 added producers, two of them completely new. Aria Master of Russia making high quality printed submarines, search eBay or Facebook if you want to find them. The other would be Aamaree whose flyer I brought home from Kassel.
Besides we have many more corrections and smaller and bigger updates to series like Hansa-Conrad, Bille, Navis-alt, etc. Then there's the 350 new models from the past year that have finally made their way onto the website and about 200 new pictures. Not too big of a picture update, but there's a lot more to come in late autumn or winter. And some updates to the code, one of them being preview pictures now working on the latest models. Have fun, Oliver

Photo Manufacturer No. Name Type Nat.
Friendship102Color HybridFYN
Llyn14AMT Explorer (with rig jacket)EGB
Llyn185Hallgarth (Cory Towage)TUGGB
Llyn184Goldeve (Goldsmith)KUGB
Llyn183Bison (Link Line)CSGB
Llyn182Viking Valiant (Townsend Thoresen)FYGB
Llyn181Free Enterprise 1 (Townsend Ferries)FYGB
Llyn180Edward Stone (Thomas Watson)KUGB
Llyn179mSun Kent (Alexandra Towing)TUGGB
Llyn178Dragon (Southern Ferries)FYGB

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The latest 350 models

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Sammelhafen is a Database of model ships in the scale of 1:1250 und 1:1200. The earliest models listed are almost 100 years old. And the hobby is thriving to this day. It is a truly fascinating hobby!
As of october 2019 we have more than 25.500 entries on models and almost 18.000 pictures. Almost 12.000 entries feature at least one picture for easy identification.

If you did not know the big blue 'latest pictures' thing is a link to this site where you can always find the latest added pictures in chronological order.

Even after four years the site is still far from finished. And while we've quenched a lot of errors so far I'd still expect expect a few more here and there. If you happen to come across one, please use the 'report error' function you can find in the details section of an entry just above the big picture. You're helping a lot if you do.

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