February 18th 2020
On September 19th 2020 we will meet again in the Danish Seeman's Church in Hamburg for our once a year collector's meeting. It's a lot smaller than Kassel so the way is probably too long if you live outside of Germany. However, this year the International Shipmodeling Days in the International Maritime Museum are on the same weekend - a 3 day event. So a weekend-trip to Hamburg might be an option. If you happen to visit the Modeling Days make sure to come over on Saturday morning, we're starting 11AM.

Photo Manufacturer No. Name Type Nat.
Hydra217Trump PrincessYBHS
California Models13dComandante FoscariPPIT
California Models13cComandante BetticaPPIT
California Models13bComandante BorsiniPPIT

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Sammelhafen is a Database of model ships in the scale of 1:1250 und 1:1200. The earliest models listed are almost 100 years old. And the hobby is thriving to this day. It is a truly fascinating hobby!
As of december 2019 we have more than 26.500 entries on models and almost 19.000 pictures. Almost 12.000 entries feature at least one picture for easy identification.

If you did not know the big blue 'latest pictures' thing is a link to this site where you can always find the latest added pictures in chronological order.

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