June 17th - A quick reminder that on September 16th from 11AM till 2PM the 8th "Schiffs und Flugzeugmodellbörse" (a swapmeet for collectors of ship models (1:1250/1:1200) and plane models (1:200) will take place in Hamburg. There's some more information here. Should you be in town and in need of any additional information drop me an e-mail to .

As always the latest pictures can be seen here.

Photo Manufacturer No. Name Type Nat.
Neptun2338aAlbany (CG 10)CGUSA
Rhenania Junior302Frisia (IV)FYD
Rhenania Junior301CatrionaFYGB
Rhenania Junior285KroonborgOFFNL
Welt der Schiffsminiaturen130aCanonicusBMUSA

The last 150 new models

and welcome to the second iteration of or "collectors' harbour" if that's easier for you. Many things have been done and added since the test-version went up shortly before Kassel 2015, but many things are still missing. Currently we can present you more than 9,000 15,500 19,300 23,000 listed models and more than 4,000 4,500 5,700 6,200 10,000 pictures.

After a bit of a hiatus, I'm managing to get new updates out. Expect more photos to come soon. If you did not know the big blue 'latest pictures' thing is a link to this site where you can see the latest added pictures in chronological order. In terms of new models we are up to date until April 2017. For newer models please check with your dealers until I manage to get those in.

The site is still far from finished. I'd still expect plenty of errors, but once again I'd rather have it online so you can use it. Especially since both the other big reference websites for model ships in 1:1250 or 1:1200 are no longer available. I'd also like to mention that Sammelhafen is new and despite me sharing a first name has nothing to do with previous similar websites.

I also wanted to mention that a lot of the pictures from the old camera have not made it to this version of Sammelhafen. The quality was lacking. During the winter the collection needs to be resorted and cleaned. So that will be a good opportunity to fill a whole bunch of gaps.

For suggestions and criticism or if you simply want to reach out to me:

On this page you'll find an overview of every series and manufacturer who are currently in our database. If you want to narrow down your search by using a more precise tool, please try our search function. The link is in the top navigation. Marked in green are those who are still active. Note that some only produce new models while others recast their older creations.