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September 21st 2024 - 16th swap meet in Halstenbek-Krupunder
Photo Manufacturer No. Name Type Nation Era Year rep. Details
Airfix AX 1230 Tribal-Klasse (Bausatz für 2 Schiffe) Destroyer GB 2nd WW 1937 Details
Airfix AX 1231 Suffolk Heavy Cruiser GB 2nd WW 1928 Details
Airfix AX 2230 Hood Battlecruiser GB 2nd WW 1941 Details
Airfix AX 2231 Bismarck Battleship D 2nd WW 1941 Details
Airfix AX 2232 Ark Royal Aircraft Carrier GB 2nd WW 1938 Details
Airfix AX 2233 Prinz Eugen Heavy Cruiser D 2nd WW 1940 Details

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