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September 21st 2024 - 16th swap meet in Halstenbek-Krupunder
Photo Manufacturer No. Name Type Nation Era Year rep. Details
Kompass KP 4 Fleet Snorkel Submarine USA 2nd WW 1944 Details
Kompass KP 5 Gur Submarine TUR 2nd WW 1948 Details
Kompass KP 7 Preveze Submarine TUR 2nd WW 1954 Details
Kompass KP 2 Sampan Sailing Ship CH 2nd WW Details
Kompass KP 8 Kris Patrolboat MYS Post war 1966 Details
Kompass KP 6 Francesco Morosini Submarine IT 2nd WW 1966 Details
Kompass KP 3 Glavkos Submarine GRC 2nd WW 1928 Details
Kompass KP 1 Lastkahn mit loser Ladung Barge D 2nd WW Details

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