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Alas, we could not find any models for your search. Following are some information on how to best use the search and what not to do. Our search works different than e.g. Google's.

  • Our search compares the text you entered with the ship names in our database. As such entering several terms will not yield any result unless there is a ship with exactly that name.
  • In the database the ship names do not have any descriptors such as SMS, HMS, SS, MV or the like. Therefore searching for 'HMS Repulse' would not return any result. Enter only 'Repulse'.
  • To start the quick search just press the 'enter' key after typing in the ships name. You don't need to click into the field, it is automatically selected once the page has loaded (not true for mobile devices)
  • Ships with names that use different letters, mainly russian, japanese and chinese ships, have different translations in German and English. For example the 'Kiev' (English) / 'Kiew' (German). In addition there is sometimes a third way, maybe an outdated form, of spelling underneath the model. For such ships it's easier to use ship type, country or era parameters to find them.
  • Blank Space ' ' is interpreted as any number of any letters including none. This is necessary to properly find models that are named after persons with multiple first names when the user only enters some of them. In such cases you might want to only search for the last name.
  • If the exact spelling of a model is unclear you can also use spaces instead. Or if the name uses special characters like the Bræmar and you don't know how to produce those on your keyboad. The search might be a bit wider in such cases though. Try entering 'Br mar'.
  • Dashes '-' and underscore '_' are replaced with exactly any ONE letter. So 'Br_mar' is a more precise search. Using these is recommended when searching for ships like German destroyers like 'Z 1'. Our lists are compiled from different sources and sometimes use 'Z-1', sometimes use 'Z 1'. Same is true for a lot of torpedo boats.
  • Underscore '_' and dash '-' can also be used in the field where you can enter the model number. This can be handy if you can't read a single (or multiple) numbers underneath an Argonaut model. Try entering '9_1', from there you can refine the search or switch to the galery view to find the model.

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A complete list of nations we use on this website can be found here. And a complete list of ship types can be found here.
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