Kontakt: oliver@sammelhafen.de
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We do buy models, at best whole collections. If you are interested just send me an E-Mail to Oliver@sammelhafen.de. If you can please send a couple photos and a rough estimate on the number and the kind of models you're selling. We're from Hamburg, but for a sizeable collection we are traveling through all of Germany and beyond. If you live further away or we are not interested we can probably still forward you to someone in your vicinity.


Sammelhafen.de is not a sales platform. The models that are listed and illustrated here are not for sale. Our goal is to create a resource for collectors and those who want to become such, which grants an overview over all the model ships every produced in 1:1250/1:1200. The ultimate goal is to have a picture available for each model. A basically impossible goal, but maybe we can get close one day.

If you are interested in buying model ships have a look at my fathers Ebay-Site. Under the name of sarge_2012 he sells a vast amount of different models which are either doubles or don't fit his own collection. There's something new every week!