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February 12th 2024
Dear collectors,
today comes the first part of the large picture update bringing 219 new pictures onto the website from producers starting with A-B. This means that 148 gaps of models that were previously without picture have now been filled. I've also added 59 new and announced models.

The Kassel Team has published a little flyer giving you some more information on large international meeting in Kassel. You can find it here.

best regards

Photo Manufacturer No. Name Type Nat.
Mare Nostrum19Fahrzeugset 40 StckZUB
Hydra237Mirabella VYIMN
Hydra236AA Absolute (ex Bella II)YBHS
Risawoleska766cGotland (Belfast Ferries)FYS
Risawoleska765fCorsica Viva II (ohne Schriftzug)FYIT
Risawoleska765eCorsica Viva IIFYIT
Risawoleska766aGotland (Polish Ocean Lines)FYS
Risawoleska766bGotland (Britanny Ferries)FYS
Risawoleska724hNormandy (Irish Ferries)FYBHS
Risawoleska724gNormandy (Tallink)FYEST
Risawoleska724fStena NormandyFY
Risawoleska724eStena Normandy (Sealink)FY

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The latest 350 models

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