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June 25th 2022
Dear collectors,
since Kassel I was able to get quite a few things done regarding the website. I (hopefully) managed to include everything sent to me, I overhauled the Hansa and Kehi lists, added a few missing manufacturers, added the missing material for a lot of models and added a number of accessories and pictures.
I've also tweaked a few things. The sidebar will now show the latest pictures for the producer you have selected. If none was selected like on the main page it will work as before. I've also very slightly increased the character size. Should you see anything odd or not working, please send me a note.
best wishes

Photo Manufacturer No. Name Type Nat.
Mare Nostrum15eEspresso RavennaROIT
Welt der Schiffsminiaturen24Aconit (F65, D609)FF
Welt der Schiffsminiaturen2350 Let PodebyIBRUS
Welt der Schiffsminiaturen28NannyTAS
Friendship124EVEco ValenciaROIT
Friendship124EMEco MaltaROIT
Friendship124ECEco CataniaROIT
Friendship124ESEco SavonaROIT
Friendship124ELEco LivornoROIT
Friendship124EBEco BarcelonaROIT
Friendship113aCruise SmeraldaFYIT
Friendship011Seven Seas VoyagerPABHS
CM-Miniaturen395Port MelbournePAGB

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Sammelhafen is a Database of model ships in the scale of 1:1250 und 1:1200. The earliest models listed are almost 100 years old. And the hobby is thriving to this day. It is a truly fascinating hobby with a very nice community!
As of June 2021 we have more than 30.000 models listed and more than 22.000 pictures. More than 13.600 entries feature at least one picture for easy identification.

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