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September 24th 2023 / October 7th (+) / October 28th (+)
Dear collectors,
today comes a little in between update with about 315+39+27 new entries. More than half of them are new release over the summer. The others have been added to Conrad-Hansa, GHQ, Scherbak and Comet. In addition there's about 455+103+257 new pictures. The majority of new pictures is yet to come. That's why I called it an 'in between' update. However I just wanted to get this update out to have the new releases list not lag behind as much anymore.
Should you be in Germany in November there is the 35 year anniversary of the Ost-Friesland / Wilhelmshaven meeting. It will be a big one with many sellers and makers attending. You can find more info (in German) here!
best regards

Photo Manufacturer No. Name Type Nat.
Welt der Schiffsminiaturen41dLink StarROSF
Welt der Schiffsminiaturen41cMini Star (NOR Lines)RON
Welt der Schiffsminiaturen41bWilson StarRON
Welt der Schiffsminiaturen41aMini Star (Transfennica)ROSF
Welt der Schiffsminiaturen41Martha RussROD
AARLU17aMercury RiverFR
AARLU15Straat ColomboFRNL
AARLU7bKota WijayaFR
Welt der Schiffsminiaturen32Marco PoloFYD
Rhenania165SpCMA CGM Agadir (rotbraune Decks)CSATG
Rhenania165SpCMA CGM Agadir (graue Decks)CSATG
Rhenania165SpMSC Olga FCSLBR

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The latest 350 models

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