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September 21st 2024 - 16th swap meet in Halstenbek-Krupunder
Photo Manufacturer No. Name Type Nation Era Year rep. Details
CM-Miniaturen CM-KR 620 Ming Peace Containership TWN Post war 2001 Details
Hai HAI 827 FACG-77 Motor Torpedo Boat TWN Post war 2010 Details
Hai HAI 844 Tan Yang (ex Yukikaze) Destroyer TWN Post war 1953 Details
HB HB 34 OOCL Fame Containership TWN Post war 1991 Details
Herpa HER 274760 Evergreen Containership TWN Post war Details
Ostrowski OS 63 Chung Kang Dredger TWN Post war 1975 Details
Rhenania Junior RJ 29a Eastern 101 Tugboat (merchant) TWN Post war 1994 Details

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