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Photo Manufacturer No. Name Type Nation Era Year rep. Details
Optatus OL-AR 1T Formidable Aircraft Carrier GB 2nd WW 1942 Details
Optatus OL-AR 2aT Furious Aircraft Carrier GB 2nd WW 1941 Details
Optatus OL-AR 2T Furious Aircraft Carrier GB 2nd WW 1944 Details
Optatus OL-AR 4 Heermann Destroyer USA 2nd WW 1943 Details
Optatus OL-AR 5 Winslow Destroyer USA 2nd WW 1937 Details
Optatus OL-AR 6 Decoy Destroyer GB 2nd WW 1933 Details
Optatus OL-AR 7 Ambuscade Destroyer GB 2nd WW 1927 Details

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