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June 8th 2024 International Collectors' Meeting in KASSEL, Germany << || >> Impressions from 2019
Photo Manufacturer No. Name Type Nation Era Year rep. Details
Hydra HY 52 Gioventu Ferry IT Post war 2000 Details
Hydra HY 69 Giulia D'Abundo Ferry IT Post war 2006 Details
Hydra HY 95 Destriero Yacht IT Post war 1991 Details
Hydra HY 127 Liguria Tugboat (merchant) IT Post war 1992 Details
Hydra HY 189a Oceania Ferry IT Post war 1998 Details
Hydra HY 189c Oceania Ferry IT Post war 2004 Details
Hydra HY 189d Oceania Ferry IT Post war 1999 Details

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