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Photo Manufacturer No. Name Type Nation Era Year rep. Details
Hai XX 1 Media Freighter GB Post war 1963 Details
Hai XX 2 U-3 Submarine A-H 1st WW 1914 Details
Hai XX 2 U-4 Submarine A-H 1st WW 1914 Details
Hai XX 3 I. Ferencz Joseph Passenger Ship A-H before 1900 1896 Details
Hai XX 4 Duane Coast Guard USA 2nd WW 1942 Details
Hai XX 5 Obeliskentransportschiff historical EGY Ancient -1500 Details
Hai XX 6 Szent Istvan Freighter A-H 1st WW 1910 Details
Hai XX 7 Hafenschlepper (klein) Tugboat (merchant) D Details
Hai XX 8 Wavel River-Gunboat A-H before 1900 1914 Details
Hai XX 9 Kopernik River-Gunboat A-H 1st WW 1914 Details
Hai XX 10 Pfahlramme Harbor Part D Details
Hai XX 11 Rheinkahn Barge D Details
Hai XX 12 South Steyne Ferry AUS 2nd WW 1938 Details
Hai XX 13 Campbell Coast Guard USA 2nd WW 1945 Details

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