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Photo Manufacturer No. Name Type Nation Era Year rep. Details
HOC HOC 1A Ace (ex Lake Frohna) Freighter USA 2nd WW 1933 Details
HOC HOC 1B Lake Pachuta Freighter USA 1st WW 1918 Details
HOC HOC 3A Lake Benbow Freighter USA 2nd WW 1925 Details
HOC HOC 4A Commercial Quaker Freighter USA 2nd WW 1929 Details
HOC HOC 5A Tchoukcha (ex Lake Fanchon) Freighter SU 2nd WW 1941 Details
HOC HOC 6A Ruth Lykes (ex Lake Gera) Freighter USA 2nd WW 1927 Details
HOC HOC 7A Lake Falun Freighter USA 2nd WW 1926 Details
HOC HOC 8A Lake Berdan Freighter USA 1st WW 1918 Details

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